Scarpa at Bestia, one of the most cutting-edge and compelling wine lists in the U.S.

Above: Housemade bucatini topped with burrata at Bestia in Downtown Los Angeles.

“I call [my] list ‘a tribute to chaos,’” said Bestia wine director Ryan Ibsen in an interview with Food & Wine published last year when he was named one of the prestigious magazine’s “Sommeliers of the Year” for 2018.

As wine writer Megan Krigbaum noted in her profile of Ryan, he works “hand-in-hand with chef Ori Menashe to bend the rules of what an Italian-centric restaurant can be.”

At Bestia, one of the pioneers of the new wave of Italian food in California and across the U.S., Ryan runs one of the most compelling Italian-focused wine programs in the country.

And like chef Ori’s food, the list can take the diner into unexpected and highly rewarding enogastronomic places.

We couldn’t be more thrilled to share the news that Ryan is currently pouring Scarpa’s 2014 Nebbiolo d’Alba Bric du Nota by-the-glass.

Bric du Nota is named after the historic Roero vineyard where it is grown. The name means the “noted hilltop” in Piedmontese, so-called because of its fame as a top Nebbiolo growing site.

Like all of Scarpa’s red wines, it’s vinified in open cask, aged in large traditional casks and is aged still in bottle until the winemaker feels its ready to drink. (That’s why the current release is from the 2014 vintage.)

See importer Ernest Ifkovitz’ write-up of the wine here.

Bestia and Ryan’s list are on the cutting-edge of what Italian food and wine are today. We couldn’t be more proud to be part of this superb program.

Image via the Bestia Facebook.

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