There’s an expression in Italy. No wine without food, no food without wine.

That’s because in Italy, wine is considered a fundamental element of the dining experience and wine is never served unaccompanied by food (here in America we often serve wine like a cocktail, maybe accompanied by finger food but often on its own).

That’s one of the reasons why Italian winemakers are always thrilled to see their wines being paired with great cooking.

Here at the Scarpa U.S. blog, we were geeked to see Scarpa Barbera d’Asti being poured at one of our favorite restaurants in the country, Nobie’s in Houston (where our American English-language blogger is based).

Those are “braised beef cheek tortellini, carmelized onion brodo, raclette, thyme, comtĂ©, [and] crispy shallots” in the photo above.

Nobie’s is part of a new wave of creative and experimental Italian cookery in the U.S. where adventurous restaurateurs like executive chef Martin Stayer and wine director Sara Stayer are breaking the mold for the Italian culinary canon in new and exciting ways.

We couldn’t be more pleased that our wine is part of their excellent wine program on the cutting edge of a new wave of Italian cuisine in America. Great stuff (we know from firsthand experience!).