Belbo da Bardon, a classic Piedmontese restaurant and one of the region’s best wine cellars

The legendary Monferrato restaurant Belbo da Bardon doesn’t have a website. Evidently it needs no introduction.

But it does have one of the best and deepest wine cellars in Piedmont.

And the cuisine — as you can see from the photos — is all classic all the way.

When the folks at Scarpa graciously treated me to lunch there a few weeks ago, I went all in: Vitello Tonnato (thinly sliced roast veal, served cold with a tuna caper sauce) for my appetizer; Tajarin al Ragù di Salsiccia (traditional long, thin noodles served with sausage ragù); and a selection of typical cheese served with cognà (a relish made from grapes, figs, and/or quince, depending on the recipe).

Of course Belbo da Bardon also has verticals of Scarpa stretching back decades (not to mention verticals from many other storied wineries, including some of Langa and Monferrato’s most famous).

It’s one of those restaurants that everyone in the wine business knows. And you should, too. I highly recommend it.

Jeremy Parzen

Belbo da Bardon
Via Valle Asinari 25
San Marzano Oliveto (Asti province)
+39 0141 831340
Google map

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