Taste Scarpa with a ghost this Halloween in New Orleans’ French Quarter

It’s Halloween this week in the U.S. and so we thought we’d share a story about a genuinely haunted house in New Orleans where you can taste Scarpa.

That’s an image of the “Seance Room” at Muriel’s Jackson Square in the French Quarter above.

According to the owners and staff at this landmark New Orleans fine-dining establishment, there are a number of ghosts that inhabit the historic building, which can trace its roots back to the 18th century and beyond.

But the primary spirit resident is Pierre Antoine Lepardi Jourdan, a former owner of the house where the restaurant is now located. According to historical records, Jourdan, a gambling man, took his own life on the second floor of the dwelling after losing the property in a wager gone wrong.

From the Muriel’s website:

    Pierre Antoine Lepardi Jourdan is still with us today in spiritual form on the same piece of property that is now Muriel’s. His ghost doesn’t appear in human form, but instead as a glimmer of sparkly light wandering around the lounge. Our Seance Lounges on the second floor are named as such because it is believed that this is where Jourdan spends the majority of his time. Patrons and employees of Muriel’s have also witnessed objects being moved around throughout the restaurant. We believe Mr. Pierre Antoine Lepardi Jourdan never left his true love and home in New Orleans; he continues to reside here to this day.

Evidently, he has often been sighted in the Seance Room (above) where he is believed to have killed himself.

You can dine nightly with Mr. Jourdan. And you can also share a bottle of Scarpa Nebbiolo d’Alba Bric du Nota with him.

Happy Halloween, everyone! And btw, when dining at Muriel’s with Mr. Jourdan, keep in mind that the Voodoo Museum is right around the corner!

Muriel’s Jackson Square
801 Chartres St.
New Orleans LA 70116
(504) 568-1885
Google map

Image via Muriel’s Facebook.

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