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VIDEO: Sommelier tastes and discusses 2017 Brachetto Secco La Selva di Moirano and 2015 Barbera d'Asti Casa Scarpa.

Master Sommelier Brett Zimmerman, owner of the Boulder Wine Merchant and one of America's leading Italian wine experts, tastes and discusses 2017 Brachetto Secco La Selva di Moirano and 2015 Barbera d'Asti Casa Scarpa. His notes also include a winery overview.

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VIDEO: Sandra Crittenden on 2006 Monferrato Freisa Secco La Selva di Moirano.

In the latest in our series of "Scarpa Cellar Dive" virtual tasting videos, we received this clip from Houston-based wine writer and blogger Sandra Crittenden.

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barbera d'asti 2015

VIDEO: Scarpa winemaker Silvio Trinchero discusses the estate's classic Barbera d'Asti "Casa Scarpa"

This is the second in a series of educational videos on the Scarpa estate and winery and its wines. In this clip, winemaker Silvio Trinchero presents Scarpa's classic Barbera d'Asti known as "Casa Scarpa" which we could translate as "Domaine Scarpa."

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VIDEO: Scarpa winery and estate overview with winemaker Silvio Trinchero

We asked Scarpa winemaker SIlvio Trinchero to prepare this short video including an overview of the estate and winery and the portfolio of wines we produced. Silvio worked side-by-side with Scarpa's historic cellar master Carlo Castino for more than a decade before taking over as chief winemaker. (Carlo, who lives at the winery still tastes and consults with Silvio on a daily basis.)

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VIDEO: MW Michael Palij on Scarpa's new unfiltered Vermouth di Torino

“If Scarpa is known for anything," says Master of Wine Michael Palij in his video on the winery's new unfiltered Vermouth di Torino, "it’s known for creating these ultratraditional Piemontese classics.”

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VIDEO: "Chicago's best sommelier" Thibaut Idenn does a "Scarpa Cellar Dive."

In this video (below), Thibaut Idenn, beverage director at Travelle in the Langham hotel in Chicago, pours one of his favorite wines and vintages from Scarpa. Thibaut was named "best sommelier in Chicago 2019" by the Chicago Reader last year.

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VIDEO: A virtual tasting with Katrina Rene, a top U.S. wine writer and blogger.

We've received great response to our launch of the new Scarpa Cellar Dive and we are THRILLED to share the first entry by Katrina Rene, a leading U.S. wine writer and blogger from Houston, Texas.

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