picnic in piedmont

Italian Easter Traditions from Piedmont

Easter is one of our favorite times in the Langhe. Vibrant spring colors pop, buds break in the vineyards, and all that delicious Easter wine and food!

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piedmontese food

Stuffed peppers Piedmont-style #IMissItaly

Our #IMissItaly series continues today with stuffed bell peppers Piedmont-style.

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barbera and seafood

Breaking the rules? Barbera and seafood can be a match made in heaven.

It's one of the oldest taboos of historic gastronomy: Never serve red wine with fish.

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Salsiccia di Verduno (and a couple of vitello tonnato sightings)

The Scarpa English-language blogger recently found himself at the LHANGAR wine bar in the village of Barolo where he had his very first taste of Salsiccia di Verduno (above at the top of the mise en place, the farthest from the diner).*

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piedmont truffle

Piedmont's white truffles: one of the greatest examples of terroir

If we define terroir as the unique combination of soil, exposure, climate, and human intervention resulting in a food product or wine that can only be produced in a given area using traditional local methods, white truffles from Piedmont would probably have to be the first example offered in the dictionary entry for the term.Read more