Not just Italian coffee: The Bicerin the famous coffee of Turin #IMissItaly

As part of our ongoing #IMissItaly series (click the link for all the posts in the thread), we shed more than one tear dreaming of the Bicerin, the famous coffee recipe created in Turin (Torino), a “must” experience when you visit Piedmont where we grow and make our wines.

The word bicerin (akin to the Italian bicchiere) means simply glass in Italian. And local tradition in Turin calls for this sweet coffee to be served in a cordial glass like the one in the photo.

The Bicerin is made using coffee sweetened with sugar, baking chocolate, and whipped cream.

And to be exact, we should specify that in Turin (and across Piedmont), they typically use homemade cornstarch-stabilized whipped cream that is gently flavored with vanilla. That’s the classic recipe. Some people use Italian panna (more richly textured but with less fat than whipping cream) that has been whipped. But traditionalists make the whipped cream from scratch.

The whipped cream and the quality of the coffee are really what makes the difference.

In the 19th and 20th centuries, the Bicerin was a must-have for visitors in Turin and Piedmont. It’s said that Cavour (Italy’s first prime minister) was a fan, as was Ernest Hemingway and Umberto Eco!

#IMissItaly What do you miss about Italy?

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