Our Vermouth

“Stabilimenti enologici” Scarpa – that was the name by which the cellar went at the beginning of last century – started the production of another wine: vermouth.
This drink – whose name is said to derive from German “Wermut” to indicate bitterness of taste – was about a much secret and complicated recipe of infusion of wine, sugar, alcohol and herbs. Known as the “aperitif from Piedmont”, vermouth made it famous in Italy and abroad. SCARPA kept the recipe of those years and retrieved its production in 2014 using the same process and ingredients indicated at that time.

Both vermouths, “Bianco” and “Di Torino” are produced by the esteemed “La Canellese” from Calamandrana, for ages symbol of quality and tradition. SCARPA’s respect for tradition is confirmed by the adoption of 30% of Moscato d’Asti DOCG base wine in the recipe and herbs coming entirely from Piedmontese cultivation.


Vermouth di Torino