Great wines

SCARPA offers a combination of current and historical vintages of its wines. Our style is about ageing wine in our cellar before delivering it to the tables of our passionate clients. As a matter of fact, bottle ageing is a key element for wine to become fully expressive with a nice balance among all elements.

Our latest released vintages are usually older than average to respect such approach; great wines from the past are now still available for sale at our cellar and are released in small quantities year after year. Again, this choice is only set on quality standards and leaves no room for doubts. Such policy has led to a collection of available bottles that spans half a century with a rare BAROLO DOC 1962 as oldest vintage. Welcome to SCARPA

Not only great and famous wines such as Barolo and Barbaresco are suitable for remarkable ageing. Our patient method of production enables less known varieties, for example brachetto and ruchè, to age for years. As a result of this we are very glad to start soon a new adventure in our cellar with timorasso grape and share with you the results of its great ageing potential.