Above, from left: The current line of Scarpa Vermouth di Torino, including classic white, classic red, and the newly released unfiltered white (right).

“This is the most exciting addition to any bartenders repertoire since the cocktail shaker,” says UK-based Master of Wine Michael Palij who was among the first to taste the new release from Scarpa.

The new Scarpa unfiltered (non filtrato) extra dry Vermouth di Torino Bianco is made using the same process as the winery’s classic white vermouth — except it’s not filtered before bottling. With less residual sugar than the classic white, it is the driest in the line up and has a wonderful texture that adds an extra dimension to the drinking experience, whether in a cocktail or on its own.

Unfortunately, it’s not yet available in the U.S. and has only been released in the United Kingdom (on a highly allocated basis).

A wider release is expected but in the meantime you can taste this highly unique expression of vermouth at the Scarpa tasting room in Nizza Monferrato.