Classic elegance, genuine vocation

Elegance, time, purity.

Scarpa celebrates the varietal abundance of Piedmont through wines that are naturally inclined towards longevity. We carry out distinct, slow and expressive vinification processes, without forcing anything. Our single vineyard labels are made in purity, exclusively from native Piedmontese grapes, in pursuit of the genuine bond with the territory and loyalty to our history.

Each gesture, in the vineyard as in the cellar, is carefully measured. Each wait is full of meaning. Each aging is a hymn to the future wine.

Scarpa believes in the classic expressiveness of Piedmont wines, in their natural ability to evolve and age, proving that only time – and constant care – can unveil the noblest essence of our land.

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Knowing howto wait,Knowing howto listen

Wood and steel. Large barrels and glass.

Scarpa does not use formulas or recipes, but simple and traditional elements that are tasked with accompanying the wine during its slow transformation. The secret lies in knowing how to listen, in knowing how to wait, in instinctively being correctly attuned to the rhythm of wine. Most importantly, in the determination of a winery that has chosen to give wine time to reach perfect maturation: this resulted in a prolonged aging period for Barbera, double compared to what is established by the disciplinary, and the production of wines that, on average, undergo more than a year of aging prior to market launch.

Long aging in large barrels and prolonged rest in the bottle. Scarpa has chosen to explore the immortal soul of wine, creating masterpieces capable of withstanding time.

A collection of historic vintages

In the heart of the cellars of Nizza Monferrato, the Caveau holds the winery’s historic vintages, the authentic proof of Scarpa wines’ vocation to longevity.

The Caveau collects the vintages that have marked Piedmont’s enological history, from 1960 until present. During the best vintages, in accordance with the inclination of each wine, Scarpa sets aside part of its labels for this archive. The Caveau is an homage to tradition and offers an exclusive access to rare bottles, remarkable vintages and labels that aged for decades: the living memory of previous vintages.

old wines

Barolo, Barbaresco,Barbera Superiore "La Bogliona"


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La Bogliona

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vermouth di torino

Vermouth Scarpa

A history within the history of Scarpa: the winery has always produced vermouth together with its wines.

Initially launched by Antonio Scarpa in the 1920s, vermouth production continued under the supervision of Mario Pesce who, together with his father Pasquale, retrieved ancient recipes dating back to the early 1900s. A company was founded within the company, one that was destined to the production of bitters, liqueurs and vermouth, remaining in business until the mid-70s. Today, after a long work of retrieval, Vermouth Scarpa is back. Following Piedmontese liqueur tradition, 20% of the base wine is made of Moscato d’Asti Docg, with the addition of a particular infusion of local bitter herbs. The process of infusion, as well as the 40 herbs present, are part of the founder’s personal recipe. The Extra Dry version, which faithfully observes the ancient recipe, is not filtered nor stabilized: it retains a typical sheer appearance and the unmistakable bitter taste of Vermouths produced in the beginning of the century.

Today, Vermouth Scarpa is officially a Vermouth di Torino: a denomination created to protect traditional Piedmontese Vermouth, the very symbol of Italian aperitif in the years of the Belle Époque.