The best expression of Monferratoin the Piedmont region

The taste ofexcellence

At Scarpa, we do love red wine. Our range is based on 12 wines of different character, from Casa Scarpa – our lovely everyday Barbera – to the iconic La Bogliona Barbera d’Asti Superiore as well as high-class Barolos, Barbarescos and three unique traditional Vermouth di Torino.

Behind every wine, there is a great deal of handwork and dedication to the vineyards. Long aging in the bottle gives our wines their ethereal, inimitable character – and years of aging potential in your cellar. Our Barberas spend as long in the bottle as it is required for Barolos and Barbarescos.

Our oenologist Silvio Trinchero, is still working with us to insure the continuity of our know-how.

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Nebbiolo& Barbera

Genuine wine connoisseurs are well acquainted with Nebbiolo and Barberra grapes – marquee names of the Piedmont wine-making region.
Scarpa is proud to possess an exclusive collection of Nebbiolo and Barberra wines that will impress even the most demanding wine lovers. The fame Barberra enjoys today is the result of Scarpa’s hard work since the 1960s to bring it to the same level of recognition as Nebibolo.
We are still focused on making small quantities to guarantee a high quality.


Our exclusive collection of wines includes white and red grapes that will appeal to the true wine lover, obsessed with both quality and delicate taste. Our vintage palette has been our pride for over a century, and we strive to preserve it in every detail to ensure our guests enjoy the treasure of Piedmont as Antonio Scarpa intended.

Our vintage palette of Barbera Superiore & Barberesco has been our pride for over a century, and we strive to preserve it in every detail to ensure our guests enjoy the treasure of Piedmont as Antonio Scarpa intended.

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The continuityof traditions

We are very proud to keep up with historical Piedmontese and wine-making traditions : high quality small production, bottling approach both handmade from A to Z and tailor made, hand written numbering, patented bottles to keep the best air / liquid proportion… Each detail is meticulously taken care of. Our collection of vintages started many years ago and also represents tradition by itself.

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Barolo, Barbaresco,Barbera Superiore "La Bogliona"


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La Bogliona

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Everythingstarts in thevineyards

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vermouth di torino

Vermouth di Torino,a heritage of Piedmont

Our Vermouth di Torino Bianco is a blend of sugar, alcohol, wine and extracts of 40 herbs.
Our wine base is made of Moscato d’Asti DOCG, following the traditional Piedmontese recipe.
In the white version chamomile, gentiana and sweet orange particularly stick out.

Our specialrecipes

The complete 40 herbs list along with the infusion process are part of the secret recipe owned by Scarpa since the 1940s.

The gentle notes of chamomile, gentiana and sweet orange are particularly remarkable, delicate and the flowers’ finesse has a long persistance.
Enjoy it plain or on the rocks. Best served chilled at 10-12 degrees though.

vermouth di torino