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innovative approach

Our vineyards are pruned with traditional Guyot method. We respect and we are proud of the traditional rules but we strongly believe that our methods can help us to promote our region all around the world.

When we plant new vine, they are often takennfrom the cuttings of our best, meticulously selected old vines. This specific selection process ensures greater genetic diversity within the vineyards.

During the growing season, we apply sustainable practices to give our vineyards the best growing conditions possible. To respect soils and their organisms, we say no to artificial chemicals, such as fertilizers and pesticides.

The final quality of the harvest is enhanced through a hand-selection of the bunches in the summer period – diradamento – meant to balance the production and tap on the very best juice plants can give.

Piedmont is located in Northwestern Italy and sits between the vast plain of Pianura Padana facing East and the Alps, following the French and Swiss borders.

Conquered several times and populated with different people, this corner of Italy is astonishingly rich in heritage, which is felt in agricultural practices and grape diversity. Along star-grape Nebbiolo, Piedmont is a true treasure trove of indigenous grapes such as Barbera, Freisa, Grignolino, Ruché, Brachetto, Timorasso, Erbaluce, Favorita, Cortese, Poderi Bricchi, Roncaglie and Monvigliero.

Our hometown, Nizza Monferrato, lies in the province of Asti, famous for its slightly sweet sparkling Moscato wines since the beginning of modern times and for high-quality Barberas as well.

Blessed with 2000 hours of annual sunshine and a mild, dry climate with both Alpine and Mediterranean influences, this region provides perfect conditions for our grapes to ripen well.


The Southwestern part of the Piedmont region is deeply marked by the former presence of the sea.
After withdrewing from the land, 5 or 15 million years ago, the sea left back a heritage of sand, shells, chalk and loam.
Although with minor local differences, this part of the region has a good amount of acidity in its soils, which leaves an important mark in our wines’ type.

Southwestern Piedmont is deeply bound to the geological process whereby the Alps were created millions of years ago. Such events created water streams that we eventually know as our current Po and Tanaro rivers, which in turn created the hills we now sit on.

Our landscape is heterogeneous, with intersections of hills and plains and the Alps on the background to work as shelters from Northern storms and providing cooler air. To best tap on these elements, high-quality viticulture is obtained on average at 250-400 meters above sea level.

Scarpa’s vineyards lie on slopes between 330 and 440 meters. In these positions, they get all the sun they need and cooler nights to produce ripe, healthy grapes which is crucial for the quality of our wines.

Our newly acquired vineyards in the Langhe region – Neive, La Morra and Verduno – embody all the good elements of these cherished Barolo and Barbaresco producing areas. Marked by mild temperatures and light soils, these vineyards complete our land management started in mid 1960s.

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At Scarpa, we tend our vineyards with respect and utmost care. Respect of history and nature have been the bases for the sustainable agricultural practices and production of wines since the very beginning. Uniqueness of this area allows to stay minimalistic – less intervention means more expressive wines.

We cherish the harmony of our vineyards and the diversity of the eco systems around them. Our vineyards prosper and have a high level of biodiversity – and you can taste this in Scarpa’s wines.

As throughout our history, we want to stand out from agricultural monoculture, too common of our beautiful region. This is why our vineyards are surrounded by healthy forests and fields where we grow world-famous hazelnuts and lavender and use a vast cover crop between the rows of the vineyards.

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Exceptionally long bottle aging leads to harmonious, refined yet expressive wines that represent the Scarpa style while reflecting the uniqueness of Piedmont at its best. Once you taste our wines, you understand why patience lies at the very core of our winemaking philosophy.

As a historical winery, we have a fantastic track record of Barolo production since the 1940s. Several Barolos from mod 1960s onwards are still available for sale – in limited amounts.

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