Focus on heritage

Scarpa cultivates more than 30 hectares of vineyards between Monferrato and Langhe.

Scarpa boasts an impressive vineyard heritage that winds around the splendid single-body estate of Poderi Bricchi, on the border between the hills of Asti and Acqui Terme, and continues on the hills of Barbaresco, in Neive, and those of Barolo, in La Morra and Verduno, located on the right of the Tanaro River, which wraps around them.

Monferrato and Langhe, despite revealing diverse landscapes, share an extraordinary vocation for viticulture. Gentle hills dotted by woods and headlands, on which the red stone and brick roofs of small villages stand out. These are ancient hills that originated from primeval seabeds, whose marl, sand and limestone have created the ideal conditions for vine cultivation. The dry and sunny climate, caressed by the winds from Liguria, completes an agricultural masterpiece that, over the centuries, has given rise to outstanding enological expressions.

The cradle of native varieties such as Barbera, Nebbiolo, Dolcetto, Moscato, Ruchè and Timorasso, Monferrato and Langhe are one of the most important wine districts in the world, widely acknowledged for their innately elegant wines and vibrant varietal expressions. An enchanting territory surrounded by lush and abundant nature, a certified UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Balance and harmony

Scarpa’s historical commitment to its viticultural heritage translates into a revived attention to practicing sustainability in the vineyard.

We observe utmost respect for the environment by reducing the use of treatments to the bare minimum. We have given up chemical weeding in favor of traditional agronomic practices such as shredding, use of green manure and organic fertilizers, greater attention to woodlands and the preservation of agronomic biodiversity with lavender fields and hazelnut groves. We aim to find balance between human intervention and nature. A well-balanced vineyard suffers less from diseases, a condition that allows it to develop its own identity and yield equally harmonious and full wines that remain well-balanced over time.

An ode to purity

Educational Harvest

Scarpa exclusively cultivates native Piedmont varieties within the historical production areas.

The splendid amphitheater of Poderi Bricchi and the Barolo and Barbaresco crus have allowed to divide the plots into single parcels that yield mono-varietal wines exclusively vinified in purity.

The vinification and aging processes are carried out separately to produce single vineyard wines that genuinely embody the vintage and the territory. We commit to ensuring maximum varietal expression within the complex harmonies conveyed by a vintage.

Our vineyards

Poderi Bricchi

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Monvigliero Verduno

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Roncaglie, La Morra

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Canova, Neive

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