Tajarin, a Piedmontese stand-by #IMissItaly

Sometimes their called taglierini [tah-y’lee’eh-REE-nee] or tagliolini [tah-y’lee’oh-LEE-nee]. But in Piedmontese dialect, they are known as tajarin [tah-yah-REEN].

All three names come from the Italian verb tagliare meaning to cut or slice (from the Latin talea meaning rod, staff, or stake).

Always referred to in the plural, tajarin are thinly sliced noodles made from homemade and hand-rolled egg pasta, one of Piedmont’s stand-by dishes. In Piedmont, they are served exclusively with ragù, a meat sauce that can be made with sausage, veal, pork, or rabbit depending on the cook or chef. In other regions, tagliolini can be served with other sauces, even fish- and vegetable-based sauces. But it’s rare that they are not served with ragù in Piedmont.

Even though Parmigiano Reggiano comes from another region of Italy (Emilia-Romagna), most cooks and chefs recommend topping them with generous amounts of freshly grately Parmigiano Reggiano.

They are served throughout the year, even in summer months. And they are a true sine qua non of the Piedmontese gastronomic experience. They’re also one of the dishes that we miss most from Italy.

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