We’ve received great response to our launch of the new Scarpa Cellar Dive and we are THRILLED to share the first entry by Katrina Rene, a leading U.S. wine writer and blogger from Houston, Texas.

In case you don’t know her blog “Corkscrew Concierge,” check it out here. And see this recent magazine profile of Katrina here.

According to her about page, the mission of her blog is “to present wine and travel experiences in such a way as to make them accessible to everyone. But not to worry, you won’t see me going on and on with wordy tasting notes. I’m all about the experience. I want people to be comfortable with wine and travel and not to be intimidated because everyone doesn’t look like you, or everyone seems to be so much more well-traveled and educated. I want wine to be accessible to all that want to learn about it and experience it. We all have to start somewhere.”

And on a personal note, she’s one of the nicest people working in wine media today. Our U.S. wine blogger Jeremy also lives in a Houston and in the pre-COVID-19 world, they often tasted together, including a wonderful tasting of Scarpa with winery director Riikka Sukula at Vinology, one of Houston’s top wine shops.

“Kat is one of those people who’s always ready to lend a hand,” says Jeremy. “She’s always helping and encouraging people who have recently joined the wine media community here. She’s one of the best things about the Houston wine scene, a great taster and a wonderful writer who’s in this game for all the right reasons.”

Heartfelt thanks to Kat for making the first contribution to our new virtual tasting series. We can’t think of a better person to get us started!

And thanks to everyone who’s reached out and offered to make a video: Every click counts, every like matters! Stay safe!