This is the second in a series of educational videos on the Scarpa estate and winery and its wines. In this clip, winemaker Silvio Trinchero presents Scarpa’s classic Barbera d’Asti known as “Casa Scarpa” which we could translate as “Domaine Scarpa.”

barbera la bogliona

It’s one of our most approachable and affordable wines yet it also captures the Scarpa spirit: Traditional in style, it’s a great example of the type of Barbera d’Asti that the people of Monferrato like to open at mealtime. Zinging but balanced acidity, restrained alcohol, and beautiful fruit flavors make this wine a favorite of Italians across the country.

The fruit for this wine is sourced, as Silvio notes, from the estate’s two historic “cru” or “growths” (“growth” is the literal translation of the French “cru”). A cru is a vineyard that is particularly well suited for a given grape variety.

Silvio discusses the two “crus” in the next two videos in the series. Click for I Bricchi Barbera d’Asti 2015.