We cherish the balance of wine productionand ecological stewardship that gointo every Scarpa wine collection.

The Storyof Scarpa

Having just arrived in Venice as a visionary migrant, Antonio Scarpa was pleasantly surprised by the magnificence of the countryside all around him, the exclusivity of the local cuisine, and the delicacy of the Piedmontese wines. From the moment he set foot on these hills, he chased the dream of establishing a small winery that would accumulate the best traditions in the region in order to share the most cherished Italian beverages.

The modern Scarpa winery is the work of Mario Pesce, a wine maker from Nizza who took a small wine cellar and converted it into an established company with best-in-industry standards. Respect of the land, relentless pursuit of quality, and patient bottle aging make Scarpa what it is today.


Our exclusive collection of wines includes white and red grapes that will appeal to the true wine lover, obsessed with both quality and delicate taste.
Our vintage palette of Barbera Superiore & Barberesco has been our pride for over a century, and we strive to preserve it in every detail to ensure our guests enjoy the treasure of Piedmont as Antonio Scarpa intended.


The renaissance ofa well-known historical brand

Continuity of traditionsinnovative & sustainability

Scarpa winery is an innovative yet traditional, medium-size viticultural and wine production company in Piedmont, Northern Italy with vineyards in the Monferrato and Langhe
areas. The company focuses on a holistic approach in full circle, a “farm to table” model – meaning from cultivation to the final consumer, including hospitality and tourism activity. The sustainability program is a key element of the company’s future development.

Behind each wine, there is a great deal of handwork and dedication to the vineyards. Long aging in the bottle gives our wines their ethereal, inimitable character – and years of aging potential in your cellar. Our Barberas spend as long in the bottle as it is required for Barolos and Barbarescos.

Our wineportfolio

At Scarpa, we do love red wine. Our range is based on 12 wines of various character, from Casa Scarpa – our lovely everyday Barbera – to the iconic La Bogliona Barbera d’Asti Superiore as well as high-class Barolos, Barbarescos and three unique traditional Vermouth di Torino.

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Taste, explore& enjoy

A visit at Scarpa includes a tour of our historical cellar, home to a magnificent vintage library. During the tour you’ll also take a look at our French and Slavonian oak caks made by local barrel builders. We age our best wines in these large oak barrels since they highlight the gentle and delicate character of our Barberas and the strength of our Nebbiolos.

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